A Quick Review of The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller for Active Families

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My goal with this product review was to make it easy to tell IF this model is good for your situation – or not. If you’re too busy to read our entire post, simply watch the best demonstration video we found on this item. It contains all the juicy details (good AND bad). I hope this helps!

** Please note: This video is from 2010. However, it’s a great demonstration of it’s features and functions.

Important questions Baby Jogger City Select owners wished they had asked before buying.

See if these answers support your decision to investigate this product further.


1) Does the City Jogger Select fold down and store easily?

– How do you fold it with the infant car seat adapter?
– Does the seat need to be removed first?
– If not does it make it bulky?

3 Steps to Folding the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

3 Steps to Folding the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

It folds down easily in the same way – with or without the second seat adapter. You simply have to remove the seat(s) before folding the stroller in either the single or double configuration. You do NOT have to remove the adapters (which hold a second seat or add-on bassinet).

It may sound tricky, but it’s really no trouble at all. The seats are added and removed easily, usually in seconds. It’s also easy to store in your car’s trunk because it’s not a single large, bulky piece. I’ve got a mid-size sedan, and this fits into the trunk very easily.


2) Does this City Jogger stroller’s fabric clean easily?

– I’m afraid it will show wear & tear or look terrible with time and use.

Cleaning the Baby Jogger City Select

Cleaning the Baby Jogger City Select

This unit cleans very easily, and retains it’s good appearance with normal wear and tear from daily use. The fabric is removed easily from the stroller’s frame, and can be machine washed in cold water.

Some users like using baby wipes to clean up any little spills and messes, because they typically leave no residues from a quick, thorough wipe. Obviously, timely clean up will prevent any long-term blemishes to the fabric. Here’s a quick video that show you how to remove the fabric from the stroller’s frame for machine washing.


3) Does this City Select Baby Jogger work well for walking paved trails or streets?

– I want to go for walks but we don’t have sidewalks, so will this be good?

This stroller’s wheels work very well for walking on both smooth and rugged surfaces, such as gravel or old, worn-out roads. The tires are large enough so that rugged terrain is not a problem.

Baby Jogger City Select - Good on all Terrains

Baby Jogger City Select – Good on all Terrains

And you won’t have any problems whether walking off-road or on paved trails when taking your infants out. The one challenge users have found is pushing it in beach or playground sand. Simply put, unless you’re in the dessert or running on beach sand, you should be fine.

If you’ll be on rugged terrain continually, get the all terrain wheels and you and the kid(s) will be road-ready.


4) How well does the City Select stroller travel on an airplane?

– Is it easy to travel with?
– How and where can I stow it?
– Can I store it at the plane’s door or at the baggage check in?

There are a couple ways you can make this easy on yourself. The stroller folds down nicely with one seat attached, but not both. There’s a padded travel bag you can buy from the manufacturer to store the stroller for flight. If you’re wondering about having to pay extra baggage fees for your stroller on an airplane or bus, speak with the travel provider (airline, bus, boat, etc.) first to see what they say.

Traveling with the Baby Jogger City Select Carry Bag

Traveling with the Baby Jogger City Select Carry Bag

If you have a second seat, some users have found it convenient to simply gate check the stroller using the large gate check bags some airlines provide. (With two seats, I suggest you store the two 2×6 inch adjustments – which hold the 2nd seat – inside the back-pocket of 1st seat.)

The wheels come off easily, and the body of the unit folds very flat and narrow, suitable for fitting into small spaces. The manufacturer’s padded bag has a place for the wheels, so you may feel better with such an expensive item getting knocked around. Here’s a quick little demo of how to place the stroller into the carry bag. You’ll love this!

Please note: The audio level on this video is very low.  I just thought you should see how quick and easy packing the stroller into the carry bag can be.

** As a side note, make sure to have a bag or pouch for storing any small attachments, connectors, or wheels when traveling with your stroller. These items can get lost quickly, and could cost a pretty penny if you need to replace single units.


5) I want this infant stroller for everyday use, but I also want to use it for the rough terrain at soccer fields. Is this good for both?

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Outdoors

The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Outdoors

The basic stroller is ideal for solid, flat surfaces and works well on short grass, as long as the terrain is mostly flat and not too bumpy. If you want to use it on or near a rugged soccer field or playground, consider getting the air tires for this model. (The manufacturer’s website can offer suggestions.) Without the air tires, it makes for a bumpy ride for the infant.

(Please note: the City Select does not have shock absorbers for the seats like some jogging strollers do.)


6) Even without the all terrain wheels, can the Babyjogger City Select stroller handle lots of jogging?

The City Select is not designed to be a jogging stroller. The manufacturer actually recommends against running with this model. Baby Jogger is simply the brand, which makes several non-jogging strollers (like this one). This model is ideal for power-walking or fast walking with your infants.


7) Does the City Jogger Select’s canopy have Ultra-Violet protection?

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller UV 50 Canopy

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller UV 50 Canopy

According to the manufacturer, the canopy offers UV 50+ protection. (This is what the label on the cover says.)


8) Can I use the bassinet AND infant car seat at the same time?

Baby Jogger City Select with bassinet AND infant car seat

Baby Jogger City Select with bassinet AND infant car seat

There aren’t many pictures with a car seat and bassinet configuration, however it is possible.  You can use a bassinet in front and infant seat in back(Look at the bottom 2 configurations in this image.) You’ll need the infant seat adapter for the upper position, and the front position brackets for the lower position.


9) Are the City Select’s front wheels EVA?

We’re not sure if it is EVA. However, all 4 tires are foam filled and have treads like a bike tire. The result of this is that they have a great grip, and are not smooth plastic-like tires that other strollers have.


10) Can the basic stroller work for a newborn without the bassinet or car seat system added?

It really depends on the size of your baby. Some users have said that their newborn infants were fine, since the stroller reclines to an almost flat position. However, to be on the safe side, a smaller baby would probably do better with the car seat adapter.

Another noteworthy point is that the straps aren’t small enough to secure a newborn comfortably. The seat may also be too big to properly secure a newborn. Most stroller users would probably agree that there are not many strollers that can go from birth to 45 pounds without some kind of adapter.


11) Is this Babyjogger’s seat detachable so we can use it when carrying our newborn home from hospital? (We live in a busy city, so will be riding in a taxi.)

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller seat - Large for Newborns

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller seat – Large for Newborns

Even though the seat comes off, it may not be the best choice for carrying a newborn baby. Some owners feel that having the bassinet attachment may be a better choice for this. It’s better to have a car seat that’s compatible with the stroller, and you’ll need to have the adapters for this stroller to do this.


12) Is the basic City Select stroller just the frame with no seat, or is this the frame and seat?

The Basic Baby Jogger City Select Model

The Basic Baby Jogger City Select Model

The basic stroller has these included:

  • The frame
  • The seat
  • And the canopy

The seat is meant for infants over 6 months, so you should purchase a bassinet for any new born baby up to 6 months. If you need a 2nd seat, you need to buy the “second seat kit” to make it a double stroller.


Basic product details of the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller:

The City Select is probably one of the most important things a baby must have if their parents are into outdoor fitness. From comfort to safety, your baby has it all in the City Jogger Select model. Whether you’re a Mom or Dad who walks, jogs, or runs, this model will prove to be an important accessory for your little one and a handy utility for you.

The Baby Jogger City Select stroller – front and back.
Safe for Baby… Stylish Enough for You on the go.

Baby Jogger City Select stroller – front and back

Baby Jogger City Select stroller – front and back

The City Select stroller is available in ruby, amethyst, onyx, quartz, black, red, silver and teal. It features user-friendly quick fold technology. This makes it easy to carry when you are moving indoors or outdoors. While you’re casually walking, lightly jogging, or running at a brisk pace, rest assured that your kid will be safe in his or her space.

Multiple Positions for Maximum Comfort – and Safety.

16 different arrangements for the City Select Stroller

16 different arrangements for the City Select Stroller

The best part about this Baby Jogger model is that it offers sixteen different seating arrangements for safety and comfort. Depending on the activity of your baby while you’re on the go, you can choose a convenient pre-set arrangement. The double conversion kit is sold separately.

From sleeping to sitting up and all other postures, the Babyjogger City Select takes good care of your baby. There are positions for front-facing, parent-facing, sibling-facing and more.

You also have the option to make it a double by tossing in a second seat. So, whether you have twins, or are doubling up for a play date during your outdoors work-out, the City Select stroller is roomy and versatile.

On top of this, the seat was built to provide optimum comfort to your little one. It comes with multiple recline positions so that your child can sit tight and enjoy the ride, without worrying about his or her safety.

Sun, Wind or Sprinkles… The City Jogger Select’s Canopy Is Attractive and Useful.

The Babyjogger City Selects Cool Weather Canopy

The Babyjogger City Selects Cool Weather Canopy

The canopy is a definite attraction for both kids and adults. On one hand, it provides shade and complete protection from intense sunlight. It comes with a small window-like opening to provide your little one some distraction-free privacy, while allowing you to keep tabs on them while you are on the move.

If you’ve had traditional baby strollers before, you know that moving things around inside or on them often proves difficult. That isn’t the case with the City Select model.

There is a specialized hand-operated parking brake that allows you to move freely around the stroller – secure that it is going nowhere, without your permission. And with your little one(s) in there, you need 100% control.

Stroller Wheel Technology… Seriously?

BabyJoggers Wheel Technology on the City Select

BabyJoggers Wheel Technology on the City Select

Absolutely… and here’s why. The Baby Jogger City Select single stroller comes with 12 inch forever-air rear tires, and 8 inch dual front quick release wheels. The importance here is that this stroller can be used on all kinds of terrain and remain in good condition!

The maximum weight the baby jogger can handle is around 45 pounds, while the product itself weighs roughly 28 pounds. It’s a very compact unit, with dimensions of 43.5 x 25.8 x 41.5 inches. This baby stroller is rather easy to move around with, even in very restricted spaces.

Improved Harnesses Provide Added Safety.

Improved Safety Harness on the Babyjogger City Select Stroller

Improved Safety Harness on the Babyjogger City Select Stroller

One thing that’s noticeable with the latest Babyjogger City Select model is that the harnesses have been greatly improved over previous product releases. This gives your baby a more sturdy setting in the seat.

The single capacity stroller can be further expanded on as your family grows. There is a specific attachment method that allows you to add another seat, and get the whole family together.

What’s more is that the City Select is very compatible with most car seats. All you have to do is buy the car seat adapter, and your baby can rest blissfully whenever driving in the car with you.

A Stroller Designed for Any Outdoor Conditions

The stroller can be taken anywhere, with very few restrictions on the terrain. From well-paved streets and sidewalks to gravel and some sand on the beach! Over stones, bricks, and pebbles – the sturdy wheels move on anything! Add to that the different seating arrangements that will always keep your baby comfortable and you’re in control!

The City Select Stroller was Built for The Outdoors

The City Select Stroller was Built for The Outdoors

So is this the perfect baby stroller for YOU? Maybe.

As enhancements go, the next version could be better if it could stand upwards by itself when folded in the house or outside location. Currently, the City Select still has to lean against a wall or something else.

Some previous owners have also mentioned that it would have been much better if the wheels locked when folded. With this in mind, Baby Jogger is always making improvements to its product line, and we expect them to listen to their customers.

Some users have found the folding mechanism is sometimes a little stiff. This is another upgrade the users expect in the next product release. Plus, the spare parts including the wheels are available mostly through the company. Although that becomes sort of a hassle at times, manufacturer parts are typically better than generic parts, and include warranties as well.

Hands Down… A Simply Awesome Baby Stroller!

One really attractive feature of this product is that there is plenty of leg space for each child in this Baby Jogger stroller. Cramped kids are unhappy kids. Unhappy kids lead to unhappy parents. I’ve been there, so I can personally attest to this.

The most important reason for getting a baby stroller is comfortable mobility with your little ones. And whether that’s running errands, visiting friends and family, or getting some outdoor exercise, you need something that’s safe and enjoyable for them. And something that provides peace of mind for you.


The Bottom Line on the Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select single stroller will satisfy both you and them – on all fronts.

Whether it’s the secure handle bar and brake features, the stylish colors and more than ample room, the comfortable seat and durable design, the canopy with a peek-a-boo window, or the multiple terrain-friendly wheels… this is simply an awesome stroller.

If you are a family with one or two children, one stroller would do the job for you. Get an additional seat for the 2nd kid when you need it, and you are all set to go. It’s the perfect family package that fits the needs of both the parents and the kids!

For more information on this baby stroller model, go to the manufacturer’s site, or hop over to Amazon to browse the best deals on the item, and any product bundles to save the most money.

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